Why Sri Harsha

Sri Harsha school is committed to attain excellence in education. There are many reasons why sri harsha is considered a good school in bangalore: Our foundation in education, our caring and knowledgeable faculty, holistic development of an individual are just a few.

We are rooted in Education

Our Staff is passionate and highly committed to providing the very best for our children. We have a strong record of high academic achievement and when the time comes, students are successfully prepared for their college education. The school maintains a healthy teacher / student ratio so that the student receives more one-to-one teaching time and highly personalised learning experience. The staff constantly review the school processes and their impact and effectiveness and implement new ideas and strategies that enhance the learning experience of our students. We understand the importance of excellent home/school partnerships and for this very reason, encourage strong parental input into their child's education. We operate an open-door policy and are open to new ideas and suggestions.

As career opportunities become more accessible across the world, children are not just competing locally but internationally. It therefore become more important to fully equip our children’s so that they have the ability to compete with students across the world. With this in mind we strive to achieve academic excellence and create an environment where young minds can flourish.

We have got the Best Faculty


State-Of-Art Facilities